Demilitarization and Soil Remediation

The demilitarization of stockpiles of obsolete, surplus or disused ammunition was traditionally solved by anchoring offshore, explosions or open-air deflagrations. Nowadays these methods are unthinkable due to the environmental impact they cause and unreliability. At EXPAL, we understand demilitarization not as a destructive process but rather an opportunity to give a second-life to these non-renewable resources, reducing our climate footprint.

Experts in Demilitarization

Thanks to our 40 years’ experience in demilitarization and know how as developers and manufacturers of energetic material and ammunitions, we are a trusted partner for NATO and allied Armed Forces, official institutions such as the European Union and companies worldwide. We manage the entire life cycle of ammunition: from the design, development and manufacturing; integration and maintenance; until the dismantling, recycling and end of their life cycle. This knowledge coupled with our technological capabilities enables us to provide tailored solutions based on the most demanding safety and environmental standards.

  • 40 years'


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    in Europe in demilitarization

  • 90%

    energetic material reused


Our Demilitarization Solutions

We recover, recycle and reuse up to 90% of the raw materials for their application in other civil sectors such as mining or infrastructure. We also play an important role providing technological solutions to perform projects framed in the Ottawa Treaty of 1997 on the prohibition of antipersonnel mines and the 2008 Dublin Treaty on the prohibition of cluster bombs.


Global solutions

We manage demilitarization projects all over the world by analyzing the problem and designing ad-hoc solutions. We develop the technology, train the professionals and perform the operations. Also, when needed, we devote to recovering the impacted area once the work has been completed.


Soil Remediation

Our services include land mine clearance, contaminated soil remediation and remnant explosive treatment of conflicts zones. Our experts detect, analyze and extract the unexploded munitions whether buried, surface-level, dumped at sea and develop the technology required to recover the terrain.

Know-how to Develop Ad Hoc Solutions

Demilitarization Keystones

Demilitarization Programs