Combat engineers & Special Forces

We develop and apply the latest technologies to offer Combat engineers & Special Forces the special capabilities they require to support the deployment, mobility and countermobility of other units, as well as to protect other troops to ensure superiority during a conflict. We develop these solutions in close collaboration with NATO Armed Forces.

Full readiness

To develop complex and vital operations, we provide initiation systems, demolition charges and EOD equipment based on providing maximum simplicity of operation, efficiency and, above all, safety of use. Adapted to the target and the environment, our solutions are in service in over 40 countries.


C-IED and EOD solutions

We offer EOD equipment to neutralize unexploded ordnance and a wide range of plastic explosives with different features to cover all scenarios. We produce the whole family of initiation systems including pyrotechnic igniters and exploders based on safety fuze or shock tube, electric or electronic detonators with a wide range of time functions and a complete family of detonating cord. Our solutions provide a great flexibility making easier its deployment in the field in complex scenarios.

Electronic initiation system S402

Our S402 minimizes involuntary initiation due to static, stray or induced currents. Its solid configuration, digital electronics, safe operating, as well as light weight and volume, make this system ideal to be used by Special Operation Forces, EOD specialists, Engineers, or rescue teams.


Demolition stores

Our demolition stores cover a wide family of explosive shaped charges that instantly allows cutting, drilling, removing obstacles, or breaching through the obstructions. To increase the capabilities and safety, our products can include low sensitive explosive or conventional.


RADES is the most rapidly deployed anti-road demolition charge in the market. Among other functions, this system can block airports, runways and other communication channels. Its deployment time is extraordinarily short, which allows the initiation of several charges in just a few minutes and is capable of perforate up to 12 in (30cm) of concrete.


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