Weapon systems & electronics

We provide a wide portfolio of interoperable weapons and electronic systems, following the most exacting NATO quality standards adapted to the most demanding scenarios.

Mortar Systems

Mortar systems are a traditional weapon system which have acquired an ever-greater relevance in recent decades in international conflicts. We constantly rethink and optimize our mortar systems offering to fulfill the requirements of the current battlefield in indirect fire support missions. These continuous improvements are focused on increasing accuracy, interoperability, reliability and maneuverability of 60, 81 and 120mm mortars.


Area Control System

Our Deployable Area Control System is a state-of-the-art solution for the protection of the troops, military bases and critical infrastructures. It operates by building an interconnected and smart network of systems that give the commanders the necessary information to control, identify and react against any existing threat.

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High-tech Interoperatibily Solutions



Techfire is a high precision information system suitable for both mortars and artillery howitzers. It brings automation and acceleration to aiming and shooting, accelerating all tasks related to direct or indirect fire.

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An electronic aiming device to provide firing aiming data (orientation and elevation) to mortars systems. eCOMPAX is anchored to the mortar with a NATO standard mounting dovetail. The device combines technologies of inertial sensors with optical image tracking, resulting in a robust and reliable 3DOF orientation.



As a technology provider, we develop and integrate UAV with other systems to leverage the potential of every device working together for a bigger purpose.

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Simulation technology is a decisive factor on the battlefield that tips the balance between victory and defeat. Current operating scenarios demand an ever-increasing excellence. To rise to the occasion, we offer the high-fidelity Indirect Fire Simulator that replicates all aspects of real-life Mortar Units operations of Mortar Units real life operations.

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Our eTraids device brings together the technology and knowledge to manage the entire life cycle of defense systems. Through 3D technologies, the system enables Armed Forces to easily perform efficient maintenance of assets.