Training & Simulation

We leverage the technology of simulation to create an indoor battlefield environment as close to reality as possible. We work in close collaboration with the most experienced military officers and veterans to constantly improve the software and devices needed to build the most realistic scenario.

eSIMOX, Indirect Fire Tactical Simulator

As experts in mortar systems, we develop and integrate an advanced simulator, eSIMOX, to increase and maintain the skills and tactics of the mortar forces and train them for the complex challenged they will be facing. The different scenarios teach the crew to operate and react in different combat situations for indirect fire missions.


Safety training

Train the skills and excelence of the Platoon Commander, Forward Observer and the Mortar Crew (Loader and Gunner). The instructor can test, in a highly realistic environment, each of the trainees separately on their position specific skills. The simulator allows the instructor to place a complete mortar team in various simulated scenarios to teach them operating together from physically separated positions to enable the most realistic training and use their own communications equipment.


Tactical training configurable to the doctrine

Thanks to our international experience with mortar systems, the software developed for eSIMOX can implement tailored exercises considering specific regulations and standing procedures of worldwide Armed Forces


Evaluation: key for improvement

The After-Action Review program enables the evaluation of training results and readiness for individuals and groups. The soldier’s performance debriefs at the end of each training session allows the Instructor to design specific training program for each of the trainees.

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