Propulsion systems

We have a long tradition, dating back over a century, providing propellants for civil and military purposes. Our wide and proven portfolio of products is manufactured under strict quality, safety and environmental criteria and has a sound track-record of excellent performance.

Cutting-edge energetic materials

A combination of experience, know-how and constant innovation is what leads us to continuous product improvement to offer tailor made solutions to our customers.


Tailored solutions & flexibility

The in-house production of key raw materials, added to our expertise in energetic materials and our strict safety processes, enables us to provide tailored solutions that meet the needs of our customers and deliver them on time.


High-performance & 100% REACH compliant

As experts in munitions, our propulsion solutions are backed up by their testing and integration in our own products, ensuring a high-performance. We comply with the most demanding international regulation in terms of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.


R&D capabilities and experience

Our Propellants Technology Center is a European reference in the sector due to technological capabilities, laboratories and test centers. This state-of-the-art facility and our team of experts empower us to research, innovate, develop and test smarter propulsion systems every day.

A versatile solution for propulsion

Raw materials

We count on a high level of vertical integration in our production chain what benefits our continuity of supply, production planning and quality control of our products.

Semi-processed energetics

Being the energetic material our core business, we provide base energetic material to other companies according to their own specifications, guaranteeing the quality in the product and the reliability of supply. Among these products we produce powder pastes, wet and dry and premix for the production of multi base propellants.

Advanced propulsion systems

Our safe, reputable and effective propulsion systems include a wide portfolio of products to meet air, land and sea advanced munitions and weapon systems. We provide propellants for rockets and missiles; single and multibase smokeless powders for weapon systems, including light caliber, mortar, artillery and tank ammunition; as well as artillery propelling charges and base bleed grains for extended range ammunition.

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