Deployable Area Control System

D-ACS is an intelligent system of surveillance, control and protection of an area specially designed to identify and act against threats such as light vehicles and troops. The real-time visualization empowers the commanders for an effective and fast decisions making.

Protected Everywhere


The detection of threats is automatic based on optronic sensors and geolocal passive IRs deployed at strategic points in the area to be protected.


All the information is taken to a remote-control center, where the user visualizes the perimeter and identifies the threat.


Once the threat is identified, the actuators (lethal or not) are deployed to repel it. Always a human being deploys the countermeasures with sensor support and SW developed to such effect.


Algorithms designed to keep situation under control

D-ACS leverage the power of technology to provide reliable information in real time to anticipate threats, coordinate responses and make better decisions. Thanks to our integration capability and know how we develop ad-hoc software and algorithms that make possible the integration of the control center with the communication repeaters, the Thermal Image Radar (TIR), the optronic systems and sensors as well as the lethal and non-lethal actuactors to remotely share information and orders to keep an area under control.


Easy deployment

The systems and devices have been designed to operate in the most demanding scenarios. The system is easily deployed on the field


Interoperable system

D-ACS architecture can be integrated in higher echelon ́s command and control systems.


Tailored devices

Its architecture based on flexibility, ground adaptation and graduated response make it a very effective control system and configurable to adapt to every doctrine.

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