Mortar systems

Designer and manufacturer of smoothbore mortars, we offer a modern, reliable and high-quality system, combat proven in all versions 60, 81 and 120 mm. Over 35 NATO and allied Armed Forces trust in our mortar systems.

Succeed in Indirect Fire Operations

Current conflicts such as asymmetric warfare, terrorism and hybrid threats require high mobility and versatile systems with increased firepower and accuracy. Mortar systems are a key capability for infantry and artillery units to respond to the tactical needs in indirect fire operations.


NATO quality standards

Our proven experience and know-how as a manufacturer of mortar and ammunition, in addition to our technological capabilities and relentless search for innovation, enables us to produce modern and NATO compliant mortar systems. We focus our efforts on enhancing accuracy, reliability and time of deployment to increase the survivability of Armed Forces.

We provide all 60, 81 and 120 mm, command and bipod models, in different configurations according to customer requirements. Our systems reach from 1,9km up to 8,2km distances. In addition, EXPAL manufactures the pressure mortar versions for ballistic measurements.

EIMOS, Integrated Mortar System

EIMOS is the natural evolution of the mortar system. Due to our capabilities to design and integrate state-of-the-art technologies, we tailor this traditional weapon to fit the current requirements of Armed Forces. We are pioneers in this revolutionary weapon line for indirect fire support operations. The combination of an 81 mm long-range mortar and a 4x4 lightweight vehicle results in a weapon system with firepower and high mobility suited to support the units where responsiveness and effectiveness are crucial.

Ready in less than 20 seconds

Every second in the battlefield counts. Fast deployment and mobility, combined with the capability to share vital information between units such as targets, firing orders and impact adjustments enhance the survivability of the troops.

Effective firepower

The 360º turn capacity and the automatic aiming and control system boosts shooting procedures and allows EIMOS to get into Fire Position rapidly. The system improves precision with minimum effort, less instruction and less personnel required.

Integrated command and control system

For automatic high precision fire detection and firing, we integrate EIMOS with our fire support information system, TECHFIRE, or the one-in-service by the client. Besides, it can be interoperable with other subsystems such as the UAV SHEPHERD-MIL that acts as an unmanned Forward observer

Fast reaction

EIMOS is a robust system with a high fire rate (15 rounds per minute) and an advanced system that allows the high absorption of hydropneumatics recoil dramatically reducing the efforts and vibrations transmitted to the vehicle. EIMOS has the capacity, versatility and technology necessary to fulfil the priority operative requirements, including easy maintenance to ensure the availability of the systems.

Constant Innovation


Digitalization and integration

EXPAL Fire Information Control Systems for mortars “TECHFIRE”, totally integrated from the sensor to the weapon, automates and accelerates all tasks related to the direct or indirect fire, in a single gun or in a unit, increasing precision and control over supporting fire processes.


Constant modernization

We constantly innovate to improve propelling charges and to optimize mortar mass and aerodynamic characteristics, searching for an extended ranges and lighter platforms. We have managed to extend up to 10% the firing ranges for calibers of 60 and 81 mm; and up to 10 km for 120 mm calibers.


Vertical Integration

Our vertical integration allows us to manufacture all key components, ensuring the highest quality standards and flexibility as well as very competitive lead time and service levels.

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